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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the Workplace

The complexity of business requires new skills in today's workplace.  Employees need to learn the skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and flexibility.  These are the skills for the new workplace where faster is the norm for staying competitive.

So how does wellbeing come into play?  Keeping employees alert and focused during the day must be a priority for employers.  Not only the physical needs (ergonomics) of employees, but also the emotional and cognitive needs are just as important.  Technology use has allowed employees to try to multi-task which only leads to cognitive overload and something suffers from inattention.  Developing social connections with co-workers and the company keeps employees engaged, and builds work relationships and trust.

Making sure employees have the tools and resources to do their job is not enough.  Employees must find it easy to access and use these items that are critical to getting work done.  The workspace can contribute to wellbeing by giving employees worksetting choices — individual workstations, meeting spaces, break areas, collaborative spaces —  all improve a workplace and provides the right space at the right time (of day).

Multiple workstittings giv eemployees the opporturnity to use different postures throughout the day- standing, leaning, perching, sitting, lounging and walking.

Steelcase has conducted research on worker wellbeing and found 6 Dimensions of Wellbeing in the Workplace.  These 6 factors can change how you look at the workplace and how it affects the employees...

  • Optimism | Fostering Creativity & Innovation
  • Mindfulness | Fully Engaged
  • Authenticity | Really Yourself
  • Belonging | Connecting to Others
  • Meaning | A Sense of Purpose
  • Vitality | Get Up and Go

Wellbeing is a multifaceted issue: it addresses the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of workers.  These needs should be viewed as a whole and not separately.  The space where people come together to work can have an impact on how they work— it should be a positive impact — that improves employee engagement, worker wellbeing and employee productivity.

Wellbeing does impact the bottom line.

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